We are open and working!

To all our valued and dedicated clients: We are open, we are conducting business, we are here! Most of our staff is working from home, but don’t fret - we are doing all we can to get your background checks completed with the same urgency and efficiency as before. Sure, there are many court closures, but thankfully we have online login capabilities to a majority of them and still get that work out for you. In the event we need clerk assistance, please note this is the time you’ll notice the greatest delays in turnaround time. On that note, we are doing our best to keep our website updated with the most current list of closed courts and/or delays.

Just as our clients are dedicated to CIA, we are dedicated to you. We understand if you are taking a short break from conducting background checks. We’ll still be here when you come back – we promise! Please stay healthy, and be safe. Contact us with any questions, or even if you just want to chat. Our phone lines are open, our chat feature is online and available, and our emails are up and working without any interruption or delay in service.

Your CIA Team