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We Are Clear Investigative Advantage

Clear Investigative Advantage can help you protect your environment with a safe and dependable team. Whether your organization is placing volunteers, direct-hire employees or temp-to-hire employees, we’ve got you covered!


To provide and deliver a complete and comprehensive product to help you make an informed decision, one background check at a time.


To establish a safe and secure environment that will help maintain a peace of mind throughout your organization.


We have been in business since 2001, working hard to make our clients happy with the best service possible. We pride ourselves in our processes and great customer service. It is important to us that that we provide you with comprehensive and reliable screening services to you, our client.



Founded in 2001, headquartered in Frisco, Texas, a licensed private investigative firm, members of PBSA, nationwide research team managed through automation in our proprietary system.

CIA utilizes the latest technology to exchange up-to-date information and ensure prompt turn-around. We succeed by combining our experienced personnel with our highly efficient technology which allows us to qualify, deliver, and manage every step of the background screening process.

CIA assists our clients in selecting the right employees, volunteers, and tenants by providing the requested information in a timely manner. A high level of service is essential in the background screening business so we adapt to meet the needs of our clients and are always available for a consultation to ensure our clients are satisfied.


Online Client Account can be accessed 24/7 and is customizable. Our online consent form makes the entire process simple. Multiple users can be created so each search is associated with the requestor. Invoices are generated on a monthly basis and can be paid securely via ACH or credit card. Pending reports and searches requiring attention appear on the ‘MyCIA’ home page. Previously ordered reports can be archived and found based on various search criteria. ‘Reference’ field offers endless options for sorting searches on an invoice. ‘Price Check’ feature effortlessly allows current pricing to be reviewed. ‘Order More’ button populates the applicant’s information for convenience when requesting additional searches.



Our proprietary system is integrated with many other major systems for both clients and vendors. Our integrations allow us to be very efficient. We are compatible with any XML or JSON based technology. Our integration team will work with you to help get your system integrated quickly. We have a detailed integration guides to help make the integration process simple.



All orders are requested and sent back with the highest level of SSL encryption available, secured by a security certificate from Comodo. Our network is protected from the outside via CISCO ASA firewalls, and only accessed remotely via HTTP, HTTPS, and SMTP (email) protocols. All other ports are blocked. Our inside network is protected via Windows Enterprise Servers, with redundancy, and offsite backup. The data is protected and encrypted in Lotus Domino servers, and replicated offsite to a secure location with another CISCO ASA firewall. We limit access to sensitive data inside our office by encrypting all the way down to field level on certain things like credit card numbers and social security numbers, and only allow access to those who need the information.

CIA practices a "paperless" operation, which effectively prevents any names and/or social security numbers from accidentally getting into the wrong hands. Any printed documents are shredded immediately after use.

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